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I don’t know if the iPhone has a temperature sensor but if it does this app doesn’t use it.

Good app

Simple, easy and accurate to quickly check current temperature.


Great for a quick glance

Not a thermometer!

Just a weather app does not actually read the temperature of where you really are. Misleading and useless as phones already have weather apps. Deleted as was looking for a thermometer that took readings.


Works good!

Not impressed...

When I first downloaded this app it seemed to be doing what it said it did but I couldn't figure out how it was able to tell the temperature when my iPhone didn't have any capability to measure temperature. Then I realized that it's just tapping into the local weather forecast and displaying the current temperature. I also noticed that it had an option to give you the temperature "where you are now". I gave it a try and it brought up the current temperature for Los Angels as well displaying a not very detailed map of the LA area. That part was pretty cool except for the fact that I was in Chester, Maryland, which is in the opposite coast and about 2,200 mikes from L.A. As soon as I finish writing this review I'm deleting the app.

Wonderful temp

Always accurate love it!!!!

Wonderful App

Very accurate, easy and fun to use..!


Good job


Great app quick easy and on point

Fazlur Rahman

It works great and is very convenient. I would provide 5 star. Thanks to developer of this great application. Keep up good works

Its a joke.

Stupid app ever. This app does nothing but gather weather info online and shows it on your screen. Why would we need this app while we already have a weather app on the Iphone?!


Love the thermometer. The most accurate I've found. Great when traveling! Thanks. Good job, you guys.

Not accurate (Europe)

Always shows 3-4 degrees Celsius more than the real temperature...worthless. Two stars for the nice look and for trying... LOL


Just had a baby looked to make sure temps were safe and sound very accurate and fast and easy. Keep up the good work.

Classy Look

Love the look & accuracy of my new app. Looking great!!!


I love how accurate this is. I work in tv and film and am always checking weather. Sorry to say but temps are consistently more accurate than the apple weather. Good work team!

Nice functional thermometer

This is thermometer works well, having a portable thermometer in your phone is a bonus.


See above

The Perfect App

Quick and easy to use. And accurate!

Richard E Bare

This is a great Outside temperature app

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