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See subject line. Did nothing, but show ads and ask to purchase to remove. REPEAT GARBAGE!

Does not provide tenperature

You must provide your location, then the ap will try to tell you the outdoor temperature of that location based on a separate database.

Instant DELETE

Doesn’t work! Don’t bother!

Literally Trash

Absolute GARBAGE!

Waste of time and money!

Have download this app several times, paying to get rid of the unwelcome ads (stupid me!) - Each time it crashes after one usage! Fix it or return my $$!!

Does not Work

It continually opens and then closes...on my iPad and iPhone...I paid to stop ads, but it has stopped the whole program....I WANT MY MONEY BACK

Just tells you weather site info.

It doesn’t actually sense the temperature

Digital Thermometer

Been enjoying this app. But would like a theme that changes color when temperature goes below freezing. please add more themes and/or the ability to go back to the original theme. ❌❌❌❌❌❌‼️‼️‼️‼️ 8/13/18. App is crashing without opening lat two days even after reinstalling ‼️‼️

But an actual thermometer

After reading several reviews that this app doesn’t work, I decided to test it. Turns out, it just uses the weather temp and doesn’t give actual readings like a thermometer should. Note to the creators: you don’t need someone’s location to get a temperature if it’s reading it correctly. Shouldn’t matter where you are, the point is to read ambient temp like the app says it should. Also, your location reading is wrong. My weather app does a better job. Waist of space, this one is getting deleted.

Don’t bother

All this thing does is advertise face book, gets temp from local weather channel, down load weather channel app get more info on weather, and less adds.

Phoney app

This is an app using your location to give you the Weather Channel temperature for your location. Can’t use it if location is turned off. I turned on location and the app said 84 degrees, same as WC. I then placed the phone with app running in a refrigerator with a digital read out reading 40 degrees. After 1 hr the app still said 84 degrees. Useless for finding the room temp in a particular room.


Tried this thermometer and it gave me a temp of 97 degrees Fahrenheit, then I tried a REAL thermometer and it gave me a temp of 83 degrees Fahrenheit. YEAH NICE TRY!

It’s only displaying local weather

I put my phone In the freeze for 3 minutes and it still said 84. Really?!?!

Seems to need location data to run-- doubtful if actual thermometer

Did not display thermometer to me when I rejected location services. I don't think its capable of reading temperature. Or the owners of the app got too greedy with the information they wanted.


The very first thing that popped up when I opened this app was an add. Not a very good first impression.

Good App

This is a good app. I wish it would turn when I turn my IPad but that is not a big deal.


It really works it cool

Works Great


Do Yourself A Favor

Really? The first thing I need to see when I’m trying to check the Temp is a useless ad? Guys, do yourself a favor - immediately show the temperature at the top 1/2 of the screen and leave a dynamic ad at the bottom of the screen. Simply silly someone needs to wait (even an extra fraction of a second) to see something as simple as a temperature.

Annoying features

Ads are annoying and you have to Purchase in order to get rid of them. Developer somewhat tricks users to immediately rate the app with 5 stars in a pop up menu just for changing the background picture of the app Unimpressive background/interface

Not a thermometer at all

This does not detect any temperatures at all, anywhere. It accesses weather reports for your location. The app gives no information at all unless you share your location. It takes a very long time to do any of these things, so there is no reason to have this app if you have ANY weather app (since other apps will tell you more than the current official temperature in their weather report). I have deleted this app.

What you see is what you get

Gives you the current temperature in the places you are interested in.


This app is fake, it only uses other weather-providing sources and probably the creators pay the other commenters that say, “This is so good”. It’s non-sense. The app has no real purpose. It’s the biggest hoax that I’ve ever seen. Go use the weather app provided by the phone itself. It’s infinity times better.


Seems to give the correct outside temp Wish it could measure the temp inside But the iPhone is not capable So it will do for now

Fake! Not a real thermometer.

Shows outside temperature by querying a weather service. Not a real thermometer.

Not a thermometer

It has no way of measuring temperature. It just accesses your location and shows the outside temperature based on your location.

Not a thermometer

The app just uses the temperature data from the weather stations. It does not actually measure anything.

fed up

It takes ur location and tells yu what the weather is

So far it is good

So far this app appears to be working. I’ll write another review after a week of use. I purchased the “Thermometer & Temperature” app, it stopped working after I paid for it. I downloaded this app with optimistic hope that I will have a better and pleasant experience.


I have curly and big hair and this tells me lots of stuff like humidity and it helps a lot like if I need to wear a coat or sunglasses sunscreen

Worthless App

Only displays local temperature that you can get from any weather source.

Same as the Weather Apps, but smaller

Smaller app than TWC and the one included with the iOS, so more practical and easier on the phone’s resources. Haven’t got any glitches so far, can’t say the same with TWC which can’t handle iOS 11 too well. This one hasn’t had any issues. And changing predetermined cities is as easy as a finger swap of the screen.

It’s not what it claims

It’s not a thermometer. It’s a weather report app

It’s the thermometer

Cool to look, at easy to read and the kids love it.

Non sense

If you’re looking for what is the temperature in a room you’re in? This app is not the one. It will tell you the current temperature outside which the weather app from your phone can do. This app is non senseless.


So I got this app originally to raise Triops and when I click the button it pulls up this hole page of stuff I can’t understand.

No what I wanted

In the description at the App Store it says that it will read ambient temperature. The definition of ambient temperature is not the temperature outdoors of where I am, but the temperature around the thermometer. Hence, you cannot read ambient temperatures, you can only tell you weather reports of cities. Not a thermometer, a weather station.

best weather app

best weather app love theams

Nice job



So far, so good. North Tx in unusual cold snap & app has been accurate to local news & my back yard thermometer. Great cuz I don’t have to go look at back yard temp. Too cold when I’m under electric blanket!

Nice App

Just wish there were a few more skins.

Simple temp app.

Just wish it showed accurate temp on the app icon instead of having to open it.


If I want the outside weather the built in Apple weather app is fine - this app is a total waste of time. Delete this P.O.S. as it's not what you think it is.


Great app

not useful

we can use weather app instead of this




I don’t know if the iPhone has a temperature sensor but if it does this app doesn’t use it.

Good app

Simple, easy and accurate to quickly check current temperature.


Great for a quick glance

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